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JadÓrLife is a Dutch company created by Mireille van Hilten to inform you about a happy and healthy life style by offering:

  • information in the form of articles and videos, released here on jadorlife.com;
  • yoga, workshops and training to optimize the experience of happiness on a practical and daily basis and
  • products that help you focus on being happy in your daily routine – available in The Netherlands at the moment through the webshop at jadorlife.nl.

Product and Services:

  • Import of 100% natural Massage Oil
  • Import and company branding of Savon de Marseille
  • Wellness products, for example Hamam Towels – organic cotton
  • Company gift boxes with natural wellness products
  • Personal branding of Savon de Marseille for weddings
  • Life Improvement Training

Mireille van Hilten
Passionate about Life & Health Improvement, Yoga Instructor, Lecturer and Coach, Writer and Editor


Mireille van Hilten

Welcome to my happiness blog! My passion in life is…. LIFE! Focussing on improving my life for many years, I have so many life lessons I would like to share. I started JadÓrLife and this blog because of this passion to be happy, or as I say it ‘to experience happiness in this experiment called life’ 🙂


Mireille at a Garden fair with Natural Wellness products






After graduating in Informatics/User centered design I started to work at The Hague University as a lecturer and student coach. This period in my life provided me with great social and communication skills and taught me that presenting myself is just a matter of doing it over and over again. I also sang in a girl band and performed on stage. Always I was looking for was to be in contact with groups of people. I was in my twenties and learning a lot about life!

I made what turned out to be a huge change in my life, after 7 years of teaching, by deciding it was time for me to experience the ‘other’ world, the world of business. I worked at several IT companies, first managing a small training department and doing the training myself. At the same time I moved away from where I lived to drastically change my single life style of going out all the time, because I wasn’t feeling happy. Although training was my passion, the subject of how software works was not that inspiring to me after while. I moved into a role improving internal, global processes. It was international, I could work with all departments and many different people and consulted management on how to improve anything that went wrong. I was improving the business, but becoming a Yoga Teacher started to really fire up my desire to create my own work environment to start working in the life improvement area. Being a full time business woman and mother gave me the organization skills I needed to finally start doing what was in my heart. Speak, write and teach happiness and making people happy with natural wellness products by starting my own company. I am very happy and proud to now fully devote my time to JadÓrLife.


Tropical Forest Yoga


Sun Salutation

Trainer Mireille van Hilten

Mireille van Hilten










What I write about in blogarticles is not the single truth about life, it’s something that works for me and I believe it can work for others. You are the one person that is responsible for your happiness, so what I am saying is, if you really want to be happy: learn a lot and experiment all the time to find out how you can experience happiness. I trust what I am offering on this website will inspire you to improve those parts of your life that you feel need attention. Everything starts somewhere and everything will grow and change, even this blog. So please come back as I add content. Thank you!

Wishing you a great life experiment,

Sincerely, Mireille


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