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What is a happy thought? 

If there was a universal definition of a thought that makes us all happy, we would know about it already. We do know that by quieting the mind, practicing yoga or meditation we can start to actually ‘hear’ ourselves think. The next step is to not judge our own thoughts. And following that start using positive ways to approach those thoughts that do not contribute to your wellbeing. I was talking to someone last week and this […]

7 ways to increase your Sense of Happiness 4

Being happy is something universal. We all want to achieve some form or state of happiness. And that’s where this article is different from what you have learned about happiness so far; being happy is not something you can try to become and then stay like that… someday. Although one can experience happiness for a longer period of time, it is not a state of being. It is something you can feel. You can create […]